We at St. Mark’ s believe reading has the power to transform lives. It is a life long skill and those that can read, can learn anything. In addition, we believe that reading is one of life’s great pleasures. We want every child to experience reading in its entirety. We teach reading initially by using the Read, Write, Inc., phonics scheme and corresponding reading books.  In addition to the use of phonics, children also have guided reading sessions every day, and use a variety of books to develop their reading and comprehension skills. We use reading to access the curriculum in Science, Topic and R.E. using a range of teaching strategies.


If reading is our starting point, the next stage is concerned with mastering the skills of spelling, handwriting and grammar (the ingredients of quality written outcomes). Teachers model and imitate the writing that they have read and offer plenty of opportunities for pupils to rehearse and build on the skills introduced. As children move through the school, they accumulate an increasing number of skills and writing for different purposes and audience. Children are expected to apply the skills they acquire every time they write, whether this is in a writing lesson or not. We place a strong emphasis on the basic skills as part of acquiring life skills.