As part of St Mark’s caring, family orientated Church of England academy our Parent and Friend’s forum has been designed as one way to create closer ties between the school, parents, pupils and community. Formed following the results of the parent questionnaire in March 2016, it provides opportunities for all parties to discuss and share information and ideas. This enhances the understanding of how our academy works, further develops the home school relationship already in place and ultimately improves the welfare and educational experiences and outcomes for the children.

We want everyone to feel they can contribute. Each meeting is preceded by a request for topics to discuss to create an agenda. This allows the school to prepare and gather information to present at the meeting to better inform all concerned. There is also opportunity for other items to be raised at the meeting if time permits. Meetings are scheduled for an hour and notes written up and shared of the key points. Our terms of reference explain this in more details below.

Please note that individual, specific concerns regarding your child should be taken to the appropriate staff member.

We hope to see you at our meetings. Everyone is very welcome.



Parent Forum ToR


“Parents are unreservedly positive about the school. They are pleased with the work of the staff and the safe environment that the school provides. One parent spoke for many by saying ‘words cannot express how much this school cares for pupils’.” Ofsted June 2017