Movers and Shakers


Summer2 – week 7

Size Poem

I love summer poem

Memorial planning

Memorials information

e-Bug Quiz

Answers e-Bug quiz

still life objects


Summer 2 – week 6

Common exception words handwriting

Emmeline Pankhurst (1)

facts and opinion

Literacy Activities

Guided Reading

Lesson 1 – Litres

Lesson 2 – Temperature

Lesson 3 – O clock and half past

Lesson 4 – Quarter past and quarter to

What is sound

Christian Symbols


Year 2 Week 5

Adventure Story

Significant Activists Pack

2 Guided Reading

Year 1 and 2 Spellings

Colour Study Record


Summer 2-week 4

Adventure Story 1

Character Profile

Compare Still Life

Compare journeys

significant People information pack

Story Mountain

Story Map

Science how clean is your kitchen



Significant Explorers Information Pack

Art Gallery

Information Art Gallery


significant-people information sheets



Learning Journeys:

Summer 2 – Movers and Shakers

 Summer 1 – The Scented Garden

Autumn 1-Wriggle and Crawl 

Autumn  2- Bounce