As a Church of England Academy, RE is a core curriculum subject. Our aim is to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other faiths, supporting our children to be respectful, accepting and tolerant towards others in our diverse community. We follow the Southwark Diocese syllabus for Religious Education; two thirds of the units teach about Christianity and one third about other major world faiths. ¬†Children are entitled to, and receive, at least 1 hour of Religious Education per week.

The RE curriculum aims to develop children’s skills of enquiry and reflection and to ‘learn from’ as well as ‘learn about’ Religion. Each unit begins with an overarching question such as Rules:Why have them? Who was Jesus? What are the five pillars of Islam? Children are taught and learn in a variety of ways, including written and practical tasks, art, music and visits to places of worship. Each class has an RE display to consolidate and celebrate the children’s learning.