At St Mark’s School, we believe that a balanced PSHCE curriculum makes a major contribution to a range of statutory responsibilities. Whilst the curriculum itself is non-statutory, our provision ensures:

  • Clear consideration of the personal, social, health, citizenship and economic well-being of the young people within our community.
  • An age appropriate and thorough provision for ‘Sex and Relationships’ education.
  • Development of the spiritual, moral, social, cultural development of students.
  • Preparation for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life.

The curriculum is divided into three broad areas:

  • Health and Well-being (including both physical and mental health)
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World (including citizenship, financial and career’s guidance)

At St Mark’s we view PSHCE as a holistic approach to the wellbeing and future limitless potential of the children.

We provide children with the necessary life skills to give them the best platform to grow and develop.

To that end, our PSHCE curriculum is as wide as it is deep encompassing first aid, massage therapy, relaxation and shrewd financial and economic wellbeing skills.

Democracy is at the heart of ‘British values’ and we endeavour to empower the children of St. Mark’s to be able to embody these values by ensuring the subject is enriched with interactive lessons, educational visits and guest speakers.

Our PSHCE Coordinator is Ms Sandy; if you would like any further details about PSHCE, please feel free to contact her via the school office or our parentshub email address.