Over the past year St Mark’s Academy has gone through a lot of changes, however one thing that has stayed the same is the natural talent that our children have in sports. Especially as a relatively small school (one form entry), we always seem to be blessed with an array of talent shining through in every class.

Throughout this school year we cover both indoor and outdoor sports for P.E such as: Rugby Basketball, Gymnastics, and during the spring term we develop our children’s athletic skills. This prepares them for the highly anticipated Croydon School Athletics Championship. St Mark’s, over the years, have set brilliant track and field records.

Working alongside two other sports coaches as a team, we are trying our best, to create and maintain 100% engagement and participation. One way we do this is by, proving spare P.E kit, footwear and swimwear for the children who don’t have any at the time. This has really gone a long way to boost the sporting culture within the school.

Although we endeavour to build a competitive environment for the children, the ultimate goal is for the children to become better and more honest young sportsmen and women. Thus understanding that participation and enjoyment is the number one aim.

Helping us towards our goals in a major way this year, has been the Croydon Sports Partnership whom provide us with a calendar of competitive sporting competitions which run in tandem with our P.E schedule. Therefore, allowing the children to compete against children of their own age from different schools. This, also importantly, exposes the children to the harsh but necessary reality that we cannot always WIN however as long as the intention is there along with good habits winning will indeed follow.