At St Mark’s, we are committed to raising the standards of numeracy of all of our students. We want our pupils to be confident and capable in the use of numeracy to support their learning in all areas of the curriculum and to acquire the skills necessary to help achieve success in further education, employment and adult life.

The staff have agreed that the following aims are realistic and appropriate for our pupils. They represent the benefits which our pupils can expect to gain as a result of learning mathematics at St Mark’s. They form a set of basic principles upon which the teaching of mathematics in our school is based.

  • To foster a positive attitude to mathematics as an interesting and attractive part of the curriculum.
  • To develop the ability to think clearly and logically, with confidence, flexibility and independence of thought.
  • To develop a deeper understanding of mathematics through a process of enquiry and investigation.
  • To develop an understanding of the connectivity of patterns and relationships within mathematics.
  • To develop the ability to apply knowledge, skills and ideas in real life contexts outside the classroom, and become aware of the uses of mathematics in the wider world.
  • To develop the ability to use mathematics as a means of communicating ideas.
  • To develop an ability and inclination to work both alone and cooperatively to solve mathematical problems.

We have adopted The Maths Mastery Learning Model which allows children a daily opportunity to master critical abstract mathematical concepts (with the support of the teacher and concrete manipulatives) before new concepts are introduced. Able and more able children get working, in every lesson, quickly and independently, looking to enrich the concepts they have already mastered.