‘65 Percent of Today’s Students Will Be Employed in Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet!

Yes, you did read that correctly! It really makes you think doesn’t it?

With that fact in mind, the St Mark’s Church of England Academy curriculum is three things: Engaging, creative and challenging. It embodies the life of the school, giving our children a great breadth and depth of study across all areas of the curriculum.

Thus, we believe strongly in the development of key skills that become progressively more challenging for every year group per term. Our teachers are constantly looking for ways to further embed key reading, writing and calculation skills; that allows our children to go on and be incredibly successful within the wider society.   

Our curriculum is routinely enriched through year group themes and topics, school trips.

Finally, we use Evidence-based research to drive key decisions regarding the implementation of different Teaching and Learning strategies. We feel that great learning comes when children can ‘self-report’ on their own progress and achievement. Our weekly conferencing/tuition is when children receive quality first intervention on an area of weakness from their classroom teacher, helping support good and outstanding progress for each child within the school.

For information about the curriculum we follow please go to the class you are interested in and click on the terms planning you would like to view.

‘The school offers an enriching curriculum which pupils enjoy.’ -Ofsted